Safari Themed Summer Camp

postit note lion safari theme


We wanted to let out a big roar for our good friends at Prince of Peace Church (POP) in Palatine, Illinois! Every summer over 100 volunteers come together to set up and host Vacation Bible School (VBS) for kids from kindergarten through fifth grade! For one week, they completely transform the hallways and activity rooms into a fun and immersive experience for the kids. Since this year's theme was an African safari, they reached out to see if we could incorporate our Noteworthy Art Kits into the fun! 

We met with Jeni, discussed different ideas, and showed her some animal patterns we designed. What Jeni liked most about our product was the fact that it was all paper-based and completely recyclable. Many of the decorations they have used in the past are made of foam-based materials and ultimately end up in a dumpster and that bothered her. Our sticky note mural designs can easily cover 6, 8 or even 12 feet of wall space at a reasonable cost and with very little waste. It's a win-win!

Jeni and the team decided on three designs, a lion, a zebra, and an elephant! We assembled the kits and instructions for each and delivered them. The church staff even put up the first kit together as a team-building exercise! Unfortunately, the week of the installation, it was almost 100 degrees outside and the humidity was very high (never a good combo for sticky-notes). Even though the A/C was turned on inside, the high humidity was still causing notes to fall. Jeni and her team of volunteers refused to give up though! They stepped up their creative problem-solving skills and used tape and even hot-glue as needed to complete the murals in time for the kids' first day of VBS. Nothing can match the magic and impact of an 8-foot lion greeting you in the main entrance! Roar!

We were happy to work with the awesome team at POP, and can't wait to see what next year's theme will be.

If you're interested in incorporating one of our kits into your theme, please contact us!




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