Sunday Funday!

postit note art - aquarium on windows


We recently had the pleasure of partnering with our friends at Crosspoint Church to design a custom theme for their Sunday Funday series! They wanted something that multiple families of all ages could engage with between and after Sunday services. We met with the staff, took some photos, and discussed some options.

After brainstorming and reviewing the photos, we gravitated to the atrium area. The area was large enough for multiple families to spread out, and the windows were large enough to fit multiple sticky note murals. We also like the fact that the designs could be seen from the outside and from the street to attract some extra attention. We had originally planned emoji designs, but in looking at the rounded architecture of the atrium windows, we got the idea of transforming the area into a pixel art aquarium!

We mocked up some designs, shared them with the team and they loved the idea. We created the artwork patterns and assembled the kits for Sunday Funday. On the day of the event, the staff had taped the design patterns to the wall and started each window with just a row or two of notes to create some mystery and intrigue. In the same way that people can rarely walk away from an unfinished jigsaw puzzle, people instinctively started to join in, adding more notes and completing the murals.


postit note pixel art clownfish  post-it note pixel art mural tropical fish


The results speak for themselves! The colorful notes on the windows take on a stained-glass quality in the sunlight. Kids and adults alike had a great time and the staff remarked that the group engagement level was extremely high, with people staying after services to see it finished!

We were thrilled to be a part of this awesome event. If you would like to create a unique experience for your group, please contact us!


exterior view of postit art colorful tropical fish

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