Sticky Note Pro Tips

We want you to have a great experience! Before ordering one of our kits, please read our tips below:

1. Humidity and temperature

We can't emphasize enough that the single most important factor for a successful installation is low humidity, temperature controlled environments. We all love warm weather, but open windows and humid, rainy days are the enemies of great sticky note art! An air-conditioned room or office is ideal.

2. Test your surface

30-Minute test. Grab some sticky notes and stick them on the wall you intend to use. Certain surfaces and paints are trickier than others. If your notes fall right down, try a different wall. Recently painted walls, and rough textures like cinderblock are not recommended. Areas near kitchens, copiers, or air-ducts are subject to grease and dust and should be avoided as well. 

3. Measure your wall

Make sure the area is large enough for the mural you like!  Most walls are 8 feet tall, but sometimes baseboards or crown molding reduce the available space.

Once your kit arrives, quickly find the center of your mural on the wall and mark it with some removable tape - or hey, use a sticky note!

4. Master the 'Technique'

Peel Technique: Did you know that the way you peel the note off the pad has a direct effect on how well it lays and sticks to the wall? We prefer to grab the note and pull straight back! Watch this Video >

Build Technique: We prefer to start at the bottom and work our way up row-by-row, left-to-right. We find it's easier to overlap and align the notes this way rather than top down. Don't start at opposite sides and work towards the middle, as this always results in extra gaps or overlaps.

Assigned Roles: To avoid absolute chaos, it helps to assign people specific roles. The project manager can call out color sequences, builders can be assigned specific colors, and quality minded folks can ensure everything is centered and level.

5. Safety

Always make sure to use a sturdy step ladder if needed to reach higher rows. Do not stand on office chairs, swivel chairs, desks, or anything else that could wreck an otherwise great time!